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5 Reasons You Should Bring a Dessert Franchise to Your Community

Anyone who lives near a Jeremiah’s can attest to the fact that a Jeremiah’s Italian Ice dessert franchise means more smiles for residents of the area. Wouldn’t we all be a little happier if we lived within ten minutes of the best frozen dessert franchise with the best sweet treats? Here are 5 reasons you should bring a Jeremiah’s dessert franchise to your city or town.

1. Potential Return on Investment

We will be blunt: there’s money to be made in the dessert franchise world. And that is reflected in our average return on investment. For Jeremiah’s Italian Ice franchises, the average return on investment is 1.17 to 2.44. You could get in on these numbers and make the most of owning a dessert franchise. Thanks to our 40+ flavors of Italian Ice, Jeremiah’s franchisees are perfectly positioned to take advantage of this franchise industry.

2. Who Doesn’t Love Dessert?

Nothing says “summer” like a cold, sweet treat. Quickly melting ice cream cones and perfectly bold Italian Ices are both summer staples. But when you invest in a frozen dessert franchise, you will make happy memories for the families in your community year round. After all, frozen desserts melt slower in the winter. People love dessert and, thus, love dessert franchises. Whether it’s an after-dinner treat, report card reward or a just because craving, your community will always be happy to visit their local Jeremiah’s shop.

3. Dessert Franchises Require Minimal Inventory

The fact that Jeremiah’s dessert franchises only require minimal inventory is one reason bringing one to your community makes good business sense. You’ll consistently spend less money on product than other dessert franchise owners and your team can place their focus on customer satisfaction instead of constantly dealing with inventory counts. This allows each Jeremiah’s shop to be a happier, friendlier place that encourages members of your community to become regulars.

4. Frozen Dessert Franchises Don’t Need a Kitchen

With lots of other dessert franchises, like ice cream or cupcake bakeries, owners have to deal with the hassle of deep fryers, ovens and other messy, expensive machinery. You won’t have that when you franchise with Jeremiah’s; our dessert franchise only requires a few freezers and a smiling Frog Squad ready to scoop up sweet treats. That means less money you’re spending on initial shop buildout and ongoing store maintenance. You should bring a Jeremiah’s Italian Ice dessert franchise to your community because you, and your team, won’t even have to hassle with a kitchen.

5. Streamlined Operations

Streamlined product offerings mean streamlined operations. Our dessert franchises entire menu can be boiled down to three separate products: Italian Ice, Soft Ice Cream and Gelatis, which are a combination of the two. We keep it simple. Additionally, when you franchise Jeremiah’s Italian Ice, you are handed the recipe for frozen dessert franchise success. It includes small stores, happy employees, customer satisfaction and maximized profit margins. And if you have any questions about how to best execute the operations of your frozen dessert franchise, you can always reach out to the Jeremiah’s corporate team

Franchising with Jeremiah’s dessert franchise means you will bring smiles to the faces of your fellow community members. Not only do our franchisees spread joy and create memories, but the Jeremiah’s opportunity just makes financial sense. For the information you need to start your frozen dessert franchise journey, reach out to our franchise development team for more information.