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The Hottest Opportunity
in Frozen Treats

The success of our concept comes from a dedication to our mission: to consistently create flavorful experiences for guests and staff while inspiring them to Live Life to the Coolest. And that simple drive has taken us pretty far:

225+ UNITS Open, Awarded or in Development

$540,878 AUV1

52% Gross profit after cost of goods & labor, excluding occupancy2

1Average unit volume means the 2020 average “Gross Sales” (as that term is defined in our FDD) for our 22 company- and 1 affiliate-owned Jeremiah’s Italian Ice Shops that were open for all of 2020. During 2020, 10 of those 22 Jeremiah’s Italian Ice Shops (43%) had gross sales that equaled or exceeded that average. The median Gross Sales for the 22 Jeremiah’s Italian Ice Shops in 2019 was $498,881. Please refer to Item 19 of our FDD for all of the relevant details.
2Average gross profit means the 2020 average Gross Sales of our 22 Jeremiah’s Italian Ice Shops minus the average “Food and Paper Costs” and “Labor Costs” (as those terms are defined in the FDD), but not including occupancy. During 2020, 10 of the 22 Jeremiah’s Italian Ice Shops (43%) had gross profits that equaled or exceeded the average. The median gross profit for the 22 Jeremiah’s Italian Ice Shops in 2020 was $253,258. This figure does not account for additional costs that franchisees incur, such as ongoing royalties and marketing fees (added in, the average gross profit would be 44.9%). Please refer to Item 20 of our FDD for all of the relevant details.

This is How We Do It

  • 40+
    Limitless combinations of the coolest products.

  • No
    Just freezers – no deep fryers or ovens necessary.

  • The Coolest Brand Memorable, fun, and straight-up cool.

  • Airtight
    A clear roadmap for creating flavorful experiences.

Simple operations – no fryers or ovens – keep your costs low.

Developed by our founder himself, each of our products is the result of years of scientific flavor and texture refinement. With limitless combinations and free samples daily, it’s only a matter of time before our newest customers discover their favorite Jeremiah’s treat.


Our signature treat – a marriage of our refreshing Italian Ice and our Soft Ice Cream – is the ultimate in frozen decadence: sweet, creamy and layered to perfection.

Italian Ice

Our smooth, refreshing Italian Ice is made fresh to ensure every bite is absolutely bursting with one of our 40+ flavors.

Ice cream

Our Soft Ice Cream is a classic, indulgent treat with unrivaled richness and creaminess.

People enjoying Jeremiah's Italian Ice

Flavorful experiences
they can’t wait to repeat

People come to us because it’s where they know they’ll have fun. We make it our mission to become the setting for the community’s most important events: proms, proposals, anniversaries, weddings, sporting events and community festivals. So we blast great tunes from our speakers, we serve the freshest and tastiest frozen treats, and we give them world-class customer service every single day – plus moments of everyday indulgence.