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Customer being served at a Jeremiah’s dessert franchise.

Discover A Sweeter Dessert Franchise Opportunity

For those who want something other than the typical 9 to 5 job and who want to experience the lifestyle benefits that come with being your own boss, franchising can prove to be the ideal solution. Within the world of franchising, there are countless industries you could pursue. However, if you’re looking to gain financial freedom while having fun, a dessert franchise is the sweet spot. And when it comes to things like company culture, dedicated leadership, and unwavering support, Jeremiah’s Italian Ice is the coolest ice cream franchise. There are so many stats and stories to back up our success — it’s as shocking as brain freeze.

An Ice Cream Franchise With The Coolest Culture

A company’s work culture is defined as the personality of the organization. It’s an array of elements that create a supportive environment where people can maximize their capabilities and skills. Elements such as ethics, goals, collaboration, leadership, and other essential variables – and it all matters a lot when deciding which dessert franchise will be the right fit. According to research conducted by Deloitte, 94 percent of executives and 88 percent of employees believe that workplace culture is necessary for business success. Lucky for you, Jeremiah’s Italian Ice is an ice cream franchise with a reputation for fostering a fun, feel good environment while serving up a fun, feel good product. It’s a delicious win-win situation for everyone involved.

Leadership That’s The Perfect Blend Of Passionate And Savvy

There are as many dessert franchises as there are ice cream flavors, which makes it all the more important that you do your “taste testing” to ensure you get the sweetest deal. Going with a dessert franchise that has a history and proven track record is a major ingredient in a winning recipe. At Jeremiah’s Italian Ice, we’ve been leading the way in the ice cream franchise industry’s tastiest treats since 1996 and have since inspired tons of loyal froggy followers who constantly crave our Italian Ice and signature Gelati treats.

The leaders of Jeremiah’s Italian Ice are all highly experienced individuals who are passionate about the product and service you will be delivering. Many have been with the company since the beginning and have worked their way up the ranks, contributing to the expansion of our unique dessert franchise brand. Jeremiah’s is committed to achieving long-term success and continuously fosters innovation and collaboration. We recognize that in order to remain the coolest ice cream franchise, you need to be confident without being arrogant. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Pivotal Growth Partners – a team of franchising gurus who have helped pave the way for some of the top brands in foodservice to achieve unprecedented levels of growth. Here’s the scoop: you’re welcome to come along for the ride as we continue serving up impressive results with our ice cream franchise.

Training And Support That Gets You A Better Taste Of Success

Jeremiah’s dessert franchise employee training.

One of the best parts of becoming a franchisee is having the opportunity to be your own boss without having to figure out everything on your own. Jeremiah’s Italian Ice has created a proven, streamlined process for our dessert franchise – so, you can go ahead and check that overwhelming item off your business ownership to-do list. When it comes to training and ongoing support, we’ve got you and your team (whom we refer to as your Frog Squad) completely covered.

You’ll have a group ice cream franchise gurus guiding you before, during, and after your Grand Opening – including some of the coolest advertising collateral developed by our talented marketing team. Additionally, you’ll participate in our Cool School program, where you’ll gain insight on how to harness your leadership capabilities and refine your dessert franchise ownership skills. Freeze right there. We want you to know that we aren’t your ordinary ice cream franchise. We are far from vanilla (although we serve that too) and we value the unique traits that each franchisee brings to our company. The variety of personalities and experiences are what makes Jeremiah’s Italian Ice such a flavorful and fabulous dessert franchise.

A Dessert Franchise That Allows You To Be A Part Of Something Sweeter

Some franchises are so focused on touting their own achievements and accolades that they lose sight of the bigger picture. When you’re looking to become an entrepreneur, it’s important to become a part of a brand that supports your professional goals as well as more meaningful, personal endeavors.

Community involvement and philanthropy are a part of Jeremiah’s Core Values. Having the opportunity to give back is the cherry on top of an already deliciously attractive ice cream franchise. Jeremiah’s is more than a product. It is a place where people come to relax, have fun, and make memories. So remember this: Jeremiah’s Italian Ice is the dessert franchise for good people enjoying the good life by serving up pure goodness. Now, that’s a lot of good stuff.