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Franchisee and staff photo at a Jeremiah’s Italian Ice Franchise grand opening

Get A Taste Of An Exciting Dessert Business Opportunity

If you love what you do, you’ll never have to work a day in your life. We’ve all heard that saying before, but you may find it hard to believe until you experience that genuine sense of joy and fulfilment firsthand. Once people discover there are ways to achieve financial freedom without having to climb the ladder in corporate America, it’s hard to imagine anything but being your own boss. Jeremiah’s Italian Ice franchise invites you to leave the world of cubicles behind to do sweeter things. Our well established and beloved brand is a dessert business opportunity that is capable of satisfying all your entrepreneurial cravings.

Once you’ve gotten the full scoop on all that Jeremiah’s Italian Ice franchise offers, it won’t take long for you to realize that dessert business opportunities don’t get sweeter than this one. Built-in marketing, initial training, ongoing support, a proven business model, high quality (and extremely delicious) products, a loyal following, along with limitless potential to achieve your professional and personal goals are happily served to all of Jeremiah’s Italian Ice franchise partners. Without a doubt, it is a dessert business opportunity with a built-in recipe for success. Want more of the delicious details? Let’s start with the legacy we have begun to build with Jeremiah’s Italian Ice franchise.

This Italian Ice Franchise Has The Coolest Reputation

Four colorful Italian ice and soft serve Gelati desserts

Anyone who has a sweet tooth in the state of Florida has heard of the name Jeremiah’s. We have built an Italian ice franchise brand that is synonymous with high quality flavor and plentiful scoops of fun. Jeremiah’s is a well-established dessert business that has continued to sweeten the frozen treats industry since 1996. Our signature Gelati treats and incredible Italian ice desserts have resulted in a loyal fan base among The Sunshine State’s residents. That undeniable craving and adoration for the products and services Jeremiah’s Italian Ice franchise brings to the table has begun to take the US by storm; proudly satisfying taste buds everywhere! As a fellow Jeremiah’s dessert business owner, you can benefit from this sugar high and turn your entrepreneurial dreams into a sweet reality.

We understand that making the transition from a corporate career to becoming a franchisee can be both exciting and overwhelming. Thankfully, when you choose to become a Jeremiah’s Italian Ice franchise partner, you will have a team of highly experienced individuals supporting and guiding you every step of the way. From day one, the leaders of Jeremiah’s Italian Ice franchise have been on a mission to consistently create flavorful experiences for guests and staff while inspiring them to Live Life to the Coolest. The tenured individuals who continue to pave the path for Jeremiah’s expansion and extraordinary accomplishments have all been in the dessert business for over a decade. In fact, many of them started their careers as servers at the inception of Jeremiah’s Italian Ice franchise concept. The passion they possess for this brand and the authentic belief they have for its limitless potential is palpable. The history upon which this dessert franchise is built serves as the foundation for our franchise partners scoop up an even sweeter future.

Training And A Proven System To Sweeten The Deal

One of the many benefits of becoming a franchisee is having a built-in support system along with  a tried and true business plan. The road to entrepreneurship typically comes with its fair share of challenges and mistakes but when you choose to become a Jeremiah’s Italian Ice franchise partner, you can look forward to a much smoother path to business ownership. From day one, you’ll experience the optimism and authenticity that exists within our unique dessert franchise brand. We are committed to collaboration, innovation and building a legacy for Jeremiah’s Italian Ice franchise along with the franchisees that make all the sweet successes of our dessert business possible. If you think what Jeremiah’s Italian Ice franchise has done so far is cool, we’ve got good news for you: the coolest accomplishments are yet to come!

A Jeremiah’s Italian Ice location at night with string lights

A main ingredient that makes this dessert franchise opportunity so appealing is the comprehensive training program we have put into place. We’re talking about spending 15 days at a certified training store and 5 days of onsite training at your own store to ensure you are completely prepared and confident leading up to your Grand Opening. You will be paired with an experienced Franchise Consultant who will be there to give you advice on the development and expansion of your dessert business before, during, and after the day you officially open the doors to your Jeremiah’s Italian Ice franchise.

Additionally, you can look forward to attending the one and only Cool School, which provides a real world educational experience that is nothing like the boring algebra classes you were forced to take in high school. We value the unique personalities and skill sets that our franchisees and Frog Squad team members bring to our dessert business. In fact, our training process will identify and home in on your strengths while providing inspiration, encouraging innovation, and fostering positive collaboration. Everything we do is with the intent of making Jeremiah’s Italian Ice franchise a fun and flavorful experience for everyone involved.

A Dessert Business That Serves Up All The Good Stuff

From the vibrant color scheme and lovable frog mascot to the deliciously satisfying products and cheerful customer service, everything about Jeremiah’s Italian Ice franchise serves up scoops full of delicious flavors, positive vibes, and feel-good experiences. As a company, we take great pride in being a dessert business that is committed to being community-focused. Finding ways to support local organizations and create meaningful partnerships is a major priority for our dessert franchise brand. We are humbled to have the opportunity to support others and are grateful to every single person who has chosen to support us. So if you’re looking to gain financial freedom doing something that makes you feel fulfilled — this is it. Jeremiah’s Italian Ice franchise is more than a dessert business — it is a brand on a mission to make everyone’s lives a little bit sweeter.