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How these Jeremiah’s Franchisees Live Our Culture of Cool

Irving Forestier and Hali Brecht

The success of our concept comes from a dedication to our mission: to consistently create flavorful experiences for guests and staff while inspiring them to Live Life to the Coolest.

This is at the heart of what’s motivated Hali Brecht and Irving Forestier to dedicate their careers to hopping with the Frog Squad. Both started as hourly employees, moved on to corporate roles and finally scooped up the hottest franchise opportunity in the frozen treat segment as franchisees.

For Hali, what makes Jeremiah’s culture undeniably cool are the amazing bond and relationships she’s seen come together and been able to create as a corporate team member – and soon as a franchisee.

“It’s a place of so many incredibly important events – first dates, weddings, homecomings,” said Hali, owner of the Jeremiah’s in Deltona, Florida. “At least one customer has named their child Jeremiah in honor of our exceptionally sweet brand.”

Likewise, franchisee Irving sees Jeremiah’s coolness alive in the incredibly decadent products and exceptional customer experiences.

“You’re making people happy – that’s the fun part of being part of an Italian ice or an ice cream shop,” Irving said. “A customer might be having a bad day and come into Jeremiah’s and that moment can turn everything around.”

Parallel Journeys on a Uniquely Sweet Path to Business Ownership

Irving got his first taste of all the flavorful experiences Jeremiah’s has to offer starting out as a server at the first Jeremiah’s location when he was 16. Since then, he’s never looked back.

He rapidly moved up through the ranks, becoming shift leader, store manager, location manager and eventually multi-unit management. As a member of the corporate team, he’s helped with site selection and project management for new locations. Currently, as Director of Franchise Operations, he helps franchisees launch their businesses and refine how the run their shops. His unique perspective gives him valuable insight not only as a franchisee but also a franchisor and helping other motivated franchisees leap into action.

“I’ve seen the company grow from this one tiny 600-square-foot shop to us opening our 29th location just recently in Georgia,” said Irving. “The evolution has been incredible.”

He continues to serve the freshest and tastiest frozen treats at his Jeremiah’s location in Orlando and has plans to bring moments of everyday indulgence to even more customers. He has two leases signed for additional units in Orlando and Winter Garden, both of which are slated to open toward the end of 2021.

Similarly, Hali started living life to the coolest right out of high school as part-time employee at Jeremiah’s. In less than two years, she became a store manager and eventually an area manager, helping open a dozen corporate stores.

While Hali is an operational pro, business ownership is a brand new journey for her. Fortunately, she will have the same tools, systems and procedures the Jeremiah’s team has perfected to guide her through unfamiliar territory – a roadmap from development to operating the sweetest concept in business.

Hali’s on track to open her first Jeremiah’s franchise in February of 2021 and can’t wait to make her dream of working for herself a reality.

A Business Where Happiness Is Served Daily

We make it our mission to become an iconic and irreplaceable part of the community – to be a place where people come because they know they’ll have fun.

Jeremiah’s is a family that runs a business providing products and experiences that inspire happiness.

“We offer a place to go and hang out and an exceptionally fun atmosphere where families can let loose and not have to worry about being loud,” Irving said with a smile.

And when we say Jeremiah’s is one big family, it’s because our culture attracts likeminded, talented team members and we work hard to cultivate the right attitudes and accountability.

“You need the right people,” said Hali, “Your store is only as successful as your employees, relationships you develop with you guests; and how you treat people.”

Irving and Hali are both clear examples of what can happen when you hire the right people and give them the tools to succeed.

Hali has seen it play out repeatedly in her time with Jeremiah’s.

“I remember when one of our certified trainers first applied at one of the stores I was managing when she was 16, she was reserved, insecure, shy and had a hard time sticking up for herself,” Hali remembered. “She’s dealt with a lot of challenges in her life but has blossomed into an amazing store manager and has been with the company for five or six years.”

We foster a culture of personal and professional growth. Everybody from the general managers to the servers in each Jeremiah’s locations knows and lives our core values, and they are focused on profitability. Employee morale, insight into business metrics and goals as well as ongoing conversations around individual career paths and growth has led to an employee retention rate unlike anything the industry has ever seen.

It’s no wonder many Jeremiah’s employees are motivated to open their own locations – the entrepreneurial drive has become part of their DNA.

As a franchisee, Hali’s looking forward to passing on Jeremiah’s culture of accountability, helping members of her Frog Squad reach their full potential and tasting sweet success.

Start Living Life to the Coolest Today

With Jeremiah’s, you have the chance to harness your potential to be a bold leader, capitalize on having the industry’s tastiest treats and wide-open runway for territory development in many markets across the southern U.S.

Jump on the coolest franchise opportunity while it’s still hot. Contact us to download our franchise brochure today!