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Jeremiah’s is Scooping out a Franchise Market Niche in Texas

Exterior night shot of a Jeremiah’s Italian Ice franchise in Texas.

This month marks a year since Jeremiah’s Italian Ice first settled in McKinney, Texas. After 20+ years honing our craft and perfecting our system in our home state of Florida, we partnered with franchise growth experts, Pivotal Growth Partners, to start spreading our unmatched Culture of Cool nationwide—and as a frozen dessert franchise, Texas was one of our top priorities.

As America’s fast-growing Frozen Force, Jeremiah’s has expanded from 22 corporate locations in Florida to and additional 24 franchise locations spanning 6 states. With more than 170+ units awarded, we expect 70+ locations in operation by the end of 2021, and we’re on track to surpass 100 locations open before year-end 2022. Our strategy? Bring the coolest treats in the industry to where they’re needed most—the hottest places in the U.S. By focusing on the Sun Belt, we’re entering a year-round frozen dessert paradise.

The Top Frozen Dessert Franchise in Texas

Our presence in the Lone Star State has only just begun. As Jeremiah’s Italian Ice franchise locations have opened, we are quickly gaining traction with Texans and organically generating an impressive fanbase! Having a growing pool of die-hard Jeremiah’s lovers in Texas also translates to a growing pool of franchise candidates in the state.

We know great stores are the best mechanism for future franchise growth in new markets. Though we do a bit of targeted franchise recruitment marketing in Texas, our first and primary goal is to increase brand awareness and help our current franchisees keep their momentum going and bring more eager customers through their doors.

What Sets Jeremiah’s Apart in the Texas Frozen Dessert Scene

As in any market, Texas comes with an existing frozen dessert franchise landscape. But we know Jeremiah’s one-of-a-kind product can’t be beat. Our process for creating our decadent Italian Ice ensures every delicious bite is packed with big flavor, and our smooth, creamy Soft Ice Cream adds mouthwateringly rich layers to our signature Gelati treats—the ultimate combination of the two.

Each of our 40+ Jeremiah’s Italian Ice flavors is delicately crafted to leave an indelible impression on our customer’s palate. With flavors ranging from mango, red raspberry, and strawberry-lemon to pumpkin pie and Scoop Froggy Frog™ (mint chocolate chip), Jeremiah’s Italian Ice indulges a wide spectrum of tastes.

An Experience Like No Other

Every Jeremiah’s shop is vibrant, fun, and full of energy. We’re focused on delivering flavorful experiences to each and every guest and always serve our colorful treats with a smile in a lively environment. Whether it’s great tunes blasting from the speakers as they approach the order window or the free samples all day every day, Jeremiah’s encourages every customer to LIVE LIFE TO THE COOLEST®.

Texans Are Taking Notice.

Since introducing our frozen dessert franchise brand to the Texas market, we’ve begun operating and awarded franchises to four franchisees throughout the state, with an additional 21 stores in development and an additional 18 committed to. Here’s where you can catch us scooping:

  • McKinney, TX – Opened July 2020
  • Temple, TX – Opened September 2020
  • Katy (Elyson), TX – Opened March 2021
  • Cedar Park, TX – Opened May 2021
  • Cypresswood, TX – Scheduled for 2021
  • Katy / Elyson ,TX – Scheduled for 2021
  • Katy (Castle Rock), TX – Scheduled for 2022
  • Killeen, TX – Scheduled for 2022
  • Richmond (Aliana), TX – Scheduled for 2022
  • San Antonio, TX – Scheduled for 2022

Stay Tuned for Big Texas Growth

We’ll be turning up the heat in Texas in the very near future—several newly signed area representative deals in the Dallas-Forth Worth and Houston areas will help us make sure of it. With 50 locations planned for development in each of these market areas over the next 2-3 years, Texas will be scooping up a frozen dessert storm.