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Jeremiah’s Italian Ice Opens New Leap Academy For Franchisee Training

Photo of Jeremiah’s Italian Ice store interior with green chairs and tables

We’re excited to announce the opening of our new LEAP Academy! The LEAP Academy acts as the Training and Development Center for all incoming trainees. We’re opening the doors to more participants and pushing forward to unite our teams—and we’re ready for you to join the ranks. Find out how you can benefit from our brand new LEAP Academy as you build an exciting Italian ice cream franchise of your very own.

What is the LEAP Academy?

Ever since Jeremiah’s Italian Ice was founded in 1996, we’ve been recognized for outstanding customer service and ongoing community involvement. We extend this dedication to our franchise teams through a streamlined business model, Cool School training, and welcoming tenured team. By opening the LEAP Academy, Jeremiah’s Italian Ice is fully equipped to consolidate these key features into a central and inviting space for all incoming trainees.

After officially signing an agreement to own a franchise, you and up to four trainees will begin training at the LEAP Academy approximately eight to ten weeks before your store’s soft open.

What You’ll Learn

You’ll learn everything there is to know about Jeremiah’s Italian Ice and how to maximize your ice cream franchise’s potential. Our corporate trainers will introduce lessons in three phases: Jeremiah’s Frogma and Service; Three Areas of Focus: People, Operations, and Sales & Profit; and Train-the-Trainer. Each phase will thoroughly prep you and your team on how to manage your business and pass down your knowledge to incoming team members.

Each phase is instrumental in conveying our Frogma, Core Values, Vision, and Mission to each trainee. This three-week training session will teach Top Frogs how to make our perfectly layered Gelati and kickstart their franchise growth. Our goal at the LEAP Academy is to help everyone understand what makes Jeremiah’s Italian Ice the go-to frozen tasty treat experience and why we stand out in the ice cream franchise crowd.

After training is complete, the Jeremiah’s Italian Ice corporate trainers meet you onsite at your location to check-off that you’re ready to open the doors to your first guests. The corporate trainers stay onsite for 10 days to ensure your confidence in operating your sweet spot!

Why You Should Join Us

At Jeremiah’s Italian Ice, we help you achieve your entrepreneurial goals through exciting, personal instruction at our LEAP Academy. Our new training facility is instrumental to establishing a central, welcoming space for franchisees to learn and grow with Jeremiah’s Italian Ice. And as an ice cream franchise dedicated to delivering flavorful experiences to our guests, we’re excited to get new franchisees and trainees up to speed on our process and continue the frozen treat legacy. Take advantage of an upbeat atmosphere, a brand-new training facility, and streamlined business model to achieve your entrepreneurial dreams.

See the LEAP Academy for yourself when you franchise with Jeremiah’s Italian Ice. Help us widen the brand’s footprint beyond our already established 40 locations across the Southern United States and become a frozen treat leader in your market. Take the first step in franchising with the frog squad by getting in touch with us today.