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Own a Low-Cost Ice Cream Franchise with Simple Operations

If you’re looking for a low-cost franchise opportunity with simple operations, look no further than Jeremiah’s Italian Ice ice cream franchise and Italian ice franchise. As a Jeremiah’s Italian Ice franchisee, you’ll get all the marketing and operations support and training you’d expect from the very best franchise opportunities – with a few extra bonuses that are unique to frozen dessert franchises, ice cream franchises and Italian ice franchises.

Ice Cream Franchise Operations Stay Simple with 3 Core Products

Traditional ice cream franchises have grown far and fast because their products are cheap and easy to make. Other than the occasional sorbet or frozen yogurt franchise, however, not many of these ice cream franchises offer something for everyone. By limited our ice cream flavor selection in favor of producing more and better Italian ice, franchisees are able to keep operations low while maintaining their appeal to a massive audience, including those who can’t or don’t eat dairy, like vegans and vegetarians.

Limitless Combinations of the Coolest Products


Our signature treat – a marriage of our refreshing Italian Ice and our Soft Ice Cream – is the ultimate in frozen decadence: sweet, creamy and layered to perfection.

Italian Ice

Our smooth, refreshing Italian Ice is made fresh to ensure every bite is absolutely bursting with one of our 40+ flavors.

Ice Cream

Our vanilla, chocolate or swirled Soft Ice Cream is a classic, indulgent treat with unrivaled richness and creaminess.

What ‘Simple Operations’ Means for an Ice Cream Franchise

Like any ice cream franchise or frozen yogurt franchise, the Italian ice business is simple because the treats are frozen. None of our products require high-end, expensive grills, ovens, hoods or fryers. All it takes is a few freezers. Our labor model makes it easy for almost anyone to scoop, and as few as 3-4 people can operate the store even in the busiest of times.

Owning a Simple-to-Operate Franchise Means Training is Easy

We’ve created a proven, streamlined system so you don’t have to. You’ll get comprehensive training to ensure you’re well-poised to run the show at your shop. Training includes 15 days at a certified training store and 5 days of onsite training in your store before Grand Opening.

At Cool School, our team harnesses your potential to be a bold leader. We embrace the unique traits that each Frog Squad team member contributes to define our vibrant organization. Our staff training process will institute our Core Values and inspire individuality to create the Jeremiah’s Flavorful Experience.

The leaders of the Jeremiah’s team have all been at this for years, and many have worked their way up the ranks after beginning as servers in the early days of our organization. Plus, we’ve joined forces with Pivotal Growth Partners – a team of franchising virtuosos who’ve led some of the top brands in foodservice to unprecedented, award-winning growth. And together, we’re putting the pedal to the metal on Jeremiah’s franchise growth.

Marketing Support and Business Support Make Operations Simple

Before, during, and after your grand opening, you’ll have a seasoned team behind your every effort. You’ll be paired with a seasoned Franchise Consultant who’ll give you personalized advice on the growth and development of your franchise business. We’ll also help you keep customers walking into your shop with some of the coolest advertising collateral developed by our team of marketing experts.

Our local store marketing support and training will help you every step of the way. Our vibrant, inviting culture is the foundation of our success. Whether it’s creating partnerships with local teams or festivals, or sponsoring after-school events, we love supporting our community, and they love to support us, too.