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The New Year is Perfect for Owning a Jeremiah’s Franchise

Image of two smiling Jeremiah’s Italian Ice employees in the walk-up windows

At Jeremiah’s Italian Ice, opening an ice cream franchise with us is a sweet moment for everyone, and we love to celebrate it with you. Not sure when the best time is to start franchising with Jeremiah’s? While we open the doors to new locations all year long, the very beginning of a new year is always an excellent choice. Keep reading to find out how you can start the franchise ownership process with us today.


January is prime time to establish your entrepreneurial goals for the rest of the year. It affords us the opportunity to think through the previous year, reflect on what we enjoyed the most, and consider what changes we’d like to make in the new one. Because you’ve always wanted to own a business, the beginning of the year is ideal for making it your resolution to open one before the following year rolls around.

At Jeremiah’s Italian Ice, the process is already laid out for you, making it even easier to reach your new year’s resolutions step by step. Our team is here to help answer any questions you have, get the ownership process started, and craft a game plan for your location’s groundbreaking all the way to your grand opening. Together, we can help you reach your entrepreneurial goals and resolutions starting the minute we hear from you in January.


As many make new year’s resolutions that’re focused on becoming more adventurous and having more fun—whether that be traveling more or simply getting out of the house for date night and ice cream trips—our franchise owners can tap into people’s desire for new experiences by providing them a place to go. The tasty frozen treats at Jeremiah’s Italian Ice are perfect for those looking to have ice cream after dinner, a place to hang out after school or work, or a reason to stroll down to your store for a quick breath of fresh air.

Your location can offer consumers the new experiences they desire in 2022 and be a place to have fun with family and friends, too. Our delicious Gelati is the perfect layering of Italian Ice and Soft Ice Cream, and we offer over 40 flavors of Italian Ice for customers to choose from. With your Jeremiah’s store, you can help bring happiness, fun, and sweet treats to your community in the new year, creating flavorful experience after flavorful experience for your guests.


As the country continues to rebuild the economy after recent declines, people everywhere are feeling more confident about opening their wallets for regular treats and sweet rewards. Your frozen dessert franchise is the perfect opportunity to provide customers with the tasty treats they may have gone without recently. With Jeremiah’s Italian Ice, we can help you build the franchise of your dreams right in time for hungry customers to come your way as the economy returns in full force.


Excited to start the new year off right? Get to know what franchise options are available with Jeremiah’s Italian ice. Contact our team today to learn more.