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Why Jeremiah’s is Built for Multi-Unit Franchise Growth

Customers eagerly awaiting their delicious Jeremiah's Italian Ice!

Since Jeremiah’s launched its franchise opportunity in early 2019, we’ve awarded more than 130 franchise locations across seven states, including Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, North Carolina, Tennessee and Texas.

The Jeremiah’s franchise opportunity has attracted the attention of multi-unit operators throughout the southern United States due to its simplicity, mouthwatering return on investment and prime territory availability.  With investment options and business models as diverse as our flavors and a culture that parallels that of some of the biggest brands out there, franchising with Jeremiah’s is a win-win any way you scoop it.

We are excited to offer entrepreneurs the chance to Live Life to the Coolest in their home markets while taking advantage of a concept that’s built for multi-unit growth. Read on to find out just a few of the reasons why the hottest franchise opportunity with the coolest treats is a perfect complement to any for multi-unit operator’s portfolio.

ROI Too Sweet to Pass Up

Jeremiah’s unit-level performance is deliciously irresistible for multiple reasons. Franchisees generate an average unit volume of $598,960 and 50.2 percent gross profit after costs of goods and labor, excluding occupancy.* The result is a cool 1.17 to 2.44 average return on investment.*

“What most attracted us to becoming Jeremiah’s franchisees is having the opportunity to be a part of an exciting and growing brand in a new market,” said Lisa Rapson, a Jeremiah’s area representative and multi-brand, multi-unit franchise. “Also, the reasonable initial upfront costs combined with and the opportunity for terrific rates of return on our investment was a big influencer in our decision to join Jeremiah’s.”

Emboldened by our decadent, swirled layering of rich and creamy soft ice cream and Italian Ice that supports industry-leading financial performance, we’ve been able to leap ahead of the competition, scooping up our niche within the $28 billion frozen dessert industry.

Simple, Airtight Operations

The ingredients for Jeremiah’s operational model are deliciously simple. We combine:

  • An Experienced, Passionate Team
  • Low Operating Costs – No Cooking – Limited Equipment & Staffing Needed
  • 23+ years building training systems, processes & procedures
  • High Performance Potential
  • Growth-Focused Culture
  • Completely Irresistible Product and Sweetly Simple Menu

When swirled together, these elements make for a singularly straight-forward business concept that allows multi-unit operators to rapidly scale, expand their footprints and build a dessert empire.

In fact, Jeremiah’s fundamental simplicity is a reason David Hung and his business partners decided to hop on board with the Frog Squad. Having been exposed to restaurant operations he recognizes how the complexity of a menu coupled with front and back-of-the-house operations puts pressure on operators to get it just right to be successful.

“I think Jeremy [Litwack] and the team have done a really great job streamlining operations,” David said. This, along with a low initial investment, small store footprint and comparatively low overhead costs, made it a no-brainer to sign on as Area Representatives, overseeing the development of 36 stores within their market.

Robust Support & Training Systems on Lock

Regardless of the simplicity of the business model itself, we work hard to make it as easy as possible to expand your portfolio through robust support.

Our training is comprised of two days at our Florida HQ, 13 days at a certified training store and five days of onsite training in your store before you open your doors to the public.

“They have a wonderful corporate team. The folks are great, they’re accessible and ready to help at a moment’s notice,” explained franchisee Kathy Cordrey. “The training program is intense, but it really helps you learn about the brand and Jeremiah’s culture.”

Not only do we lend a hand and teach you how to run your shop, but our training will teach you how to identify the perfect members for your very own Frog Squad – and with the help of our Cool School staff training, they’ll be successfully swirling up our frozen treats in no time. Plus, we’ll pair you up with seasoned franchise consultants and marketing experts before, during and after your grand opening – helping you truly thrive right out of the gate.

Leaping into Available Markets

With 30 locations throughout Florida, Arizona, Georgia and Texas, Jeremiah’s is offering franchises across the Southern United States, with an initial focus on Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Louisiana, Arizona, Alabama, Georgia, Texas, Tennessee, New Mexico, Nevada, and Mississippi.

Although there is a huge number of territories available, the opportunity to bring Jeremiah’s iconic cool treats to communities across the country won’t last – since we started franchising, territories in Florida were scooped jump in just over one year. If you’re a multi-unit operator looking to expand your portfolio outside of Florida, now is the time to get in touch with our Franchise Development team.

When it comes to looking for the hottest markets our franchisees can hop into, we seek out locations that make it easy for customers to make us a part of their everyday lives. Our locations do well with strong national and regional food and retail co-tenants within markets with a residential population greater than 50,000.

Diverse, Flexible Business Models

Another reason Jeremiah’s has multi-unit owners salivating is the flexibility of our business model.

While Jeremiah’s Italian Ice stores traditionally range between 800 – 1,200 square feet for inline and freestanding locations, there are also opportunities for kiosks and non-traditional buildouts that deliver the Jeremiah’s experience in a little as 250 square feet.

Jeremiah’s also lends itself nicely to co-branding for those multi-unit operators looking to build incremental sales within their current franchise brands. Co-branding allows an operator to leverage incurred costs – both capital and operating – across multiple brands or revenue sources.  Adding an additional concept within an existing location can add value and drive incremental sales and profits to significantly enhance both the ROI and cash flow.

Our franchise development and real estate experts will help you identify the best sites to attract customer traffic, take advantage of already bustling commercial areas or building synergy with a complementary concept – whatever your growth goals, we have the expertise and experience to help you achieve them.

Completely Irresistible Product

We offer over 40 flavors of deliciousness on our menu, and you can’t go wrong with the infinite combination possibilities.

We also understand that our product needs to be made to the highest-quality possible, so we’ve made sure that our Italian ice is cool, refreshing and bursting with flavor, while our soft ice cream is incredibly smooth and creamy thanks to the lower air content.

“Bringing together soft ice cream and Italian Ice – it’s a great product and people are drawn to it,” said Kathy. “It’s such a fun product because you can customize and you’ll never have the same flavor combination each time you come back.”

In order to become a family-favorite in any community, our products need to be innovative – which is where our signature Gelati comes in. Our Gelati is the perfect swirl of our Italian ice and soft ice cream and offers up a decadent experience full of flavor. Life should be full of flavor – so why not bring some extra flavor into any customer’s day?

Experienced Leadership

Through decades of experience, we’ve been able to create the perfect combination of tools, systems and procedures that help franchisees seamlessly begin their journey with Jeremiah’s. Our operations are simple, with a limited menu, no need for cooking or cooking equipment and limited staff.

Plus, the Jeremiah’s leadership team has been hopping with the Frog Squad for over ten years – and many of them have moved up the ranks from their beginnings as a server and can attest to the beauty of a simple operational model.

We’ve also teamed up with Pivotal Growth Partners, a brand accelerator that focuses on helping emerging concepts grow sustainably – and with over 50+ years of experience perfecting their incredible ability to identify standout brands no matter their size, they are the perfect addition to the Jeremiah’s family.

No Better Time to Grow Your Multi-Unit Portfolio

Thanks to simple operations, an incredible array of products, in-depth Frog Squad training and a plethora of available markets, Jeremiah’s is looking to be a hot franchise opportunity bound to have entrepreneurs jumping to join.

See how you can bring the coolest brand to your community and get started by contacting us today!

*The 2019 results for 22 company-owned shops open all year. AUV means 2019 avg “Gross Sales” for our 22 company-owned shops open for all of 2019. 10 of those shops (45%) had gross sales ≥ that avg (median = $589,397). Avg gross profit in 2019 shown above is for 22 company-owned shops open for all of 2019, excl. occupancy. 10 of those shops (45%) had gross profits ≥ that avg (median = $291,715). Franchisees will incur extra costs (royalties & mktg fees). Including those costs, avg gross profit would be 43.2%. Avg sales to investment ratio is the avg gross sales for 2019 divided by the low investment for a new in-line or stand-shop. The range averages 1.17 to 2.44 (median = 1.15 to 2.40).

A new franchisee’s results may differ; there’s no assurance you’ll do as well. Please see Item 19 of our 5.11.2020 FDD for details. This information is not intended as an offer to sell, or the solicitation of an offer to buy a franchise. It is for information purposes only. Franchise offering are only made through our Franchise Disclosure Document and compliance with applicable federal and state disclosure laws.

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