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Jeremiah’s Culture of Cool

Jeremiah's Italian Ice Employee, scooping into a cup

Culture of Cool applies to Jeremiah’s corporate, franchisees, crew members and even our customers. Find out what the Culture of Cool is all about, what it looks like in Jeremiah’s locations and how it benefits all Jeremiah’s franchisees.

What is Culture of Cool?

Our Culture of Cool makes Jeremiah’s stand out. It’s how we strive to keep stress low and fun high for everyone, including our franchisees, in-store crew members and, of course, our customers. The Culture of Cool empowers your staff to enjoy being at work. Crew members are encouraged to sing and dance along to the tunes and show how much fun they’re having. Their vibe makes Jeremiah’s the coolest place to work and the most fun place to enjoy a frozen treat.

We’re a bold, playful brand. And Culture of Cool is key to our vibrant energy which has empowered us to grow exponentially as we near 100 Jeremiah’s franchise locations. No matter the city or town, Jeremiah’s is a place that people want to be.

How It Looks in Stores

Even before you get out of your car at a Jeremiah’s you can see and hear the impact of our Culture of Cool. You’ll hear our old school, family-friendly tunes and likely see a line that snakes out of the door with people of all ages waiting patiently to order their rich soft ice cream, flavor-bursting Italian ice or the perfect combination — our signature Gelati.

Culture of Cool also applies to how we treat people, and how our employees are trained to treat people. Everyone is respected and empowered to have as much fun as possible and you can see that in the smiles and laughs of everyone in a Jeremiah’s.

How It Benefits Franchisees

Our fun-loving Culture of Cool is what attracts and keeps employees, resulting in reduced turnover for our franchisees. Just ask our Director of Operations, Irving Forestier. He started working at a Jeremiah’s when he was 15-years-old and has been working his way up in the Jeremiah’s system ever since. He originally applied to his original server job at our Winter Park, FL location because it looked like everyone who worked there was having a good time. And, 21 years later, he is creating his own fun environment as a franchisee.

The Jeremiah’s Culture of Cool also means that customers always feel welcomed and respected. And this helps our business grow. A combination of repeat business and positive reviews mean increased customer engagement and revenue for Jeremiah’s franchisees — and growth for the entire Jeremiah’s brand. The Culture of Cool is directly responsible for our thriving franchise model and benefits franchisees across the Jeremiah’s system.

Join the Culture of Cool

You have the opportunity to be a part of our Culture of Cool by franchising with Jeremiah’s. Our respect for everyone and our dedication to fun benefit our franchisees by contributing to overall brand growth and individual franchise growth. For more information about the Jeremiah’s frozen dessert franchise opportunity, reach out to our franchise development team.