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Get to Know Jeremiah’s

Jeremiah's Italian Ice, Orange

Are you ready to dive headfirst into the coolest opportunity in franchising? Welcome to Jeremiah’s. Our Culture of Cool is directly responsible for our takeover of the frozen dessert industry. Our growth, due to the deliciousness of our products, has allowed us to offer diverse investment options, utilize multiple revenue streams and streamlined operations.


Culture of Cool

Culture of Cool isn’t just a catchy tagline — it’s the Jeremiah’s way of life. It guides us to treat everyone with respect and encourage Jeremiah’s crew members to have a good time. Jeremiah’s stores are a place where everyone is having fun, including the people working. And that fun is contagious. It’s why lines routinely snake around the store and our customers want to sit and stay awhile. Customers can feel when everyone is respected, happy and cool.

Signature Products

As important as our Culture of Cool is, Jeremiah’s customers keep coming back because they can’t get enough of our products. Our menu includes rich ice cream, molecularly-flavored Italian ice and our signature Gelatis. They are a layered combination of our flavorful, refreshing Italian ice and our silky-smooth ice cream. Our treats are completely craveable! And that’s why our consumers are more than just customers — they are dedicated Jeremiah’s fans who want to engage with us on every level. Just ask the hundreds who have downloaded the J-List Loyalty App; rewards make the Jeremiah’s experience that much sweeter.

Diverse Investment Options

When you franchise with Jeremiah’s, you aren’t boxed in to just one model. You have choices. Our traditional model is a full-sized store starting at approximately 800 square feet. We also have a co-branded franchise opportunity that will allow your Jeremiah’s location to share space with a complementary business. You can also choose to invest in a Jeremiah’s kiosk which has smaller footprint and can be located in busy, high foot traffic areas. Work with Jeremiah’s corporate crew to figure out which model will be the best for you.

Multiple Revenue Streams

In-store, swirled-to-order purchases are our biggest revenue stream. We love when our customers come to see us and carefully select their Italian ice or ice cream flavor. But franchisees can also benefit from additional revenue streams. Sometimes our biggest fans want to share Jeremiah’s with all of their loved ones for a special occasion. So, we cater! Jeremiah’s has been at wedding receptions, baby showers, graduation parties and more. Along with our event catering, we offer full-service scooping which means a member of your Jeremiah’s team will stick around to serve up the tasty treats. We also sell pre-packaged treats, like ice cream sandwiches, in our stores to further diversify our revenue streams.

Simple Operations

We mean it when we say that we want everyone at a Jeremiah’s to be having a good time. And that includes our franchisees! Our simple operations won’t have you keeping too many balls in the air. You’ll strategize for growth and do what it takes keep your customers smiling. Are you up for that?

Take the first step toward living life to the coolest by reaching out to the Jeremiah’s franchise team today.