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Jeremiah’s Franchise Models

3 Jeremiah's Italian Ice cups

Jeremiah’s Italian Ice franchise models are just as diverse as our roster of bold Italian Ice flavors! From traditional models that become neighborhood mainstays to smaller footprints that make the most of foot traffic, Jeremiah’s has a franchise model that’s perfect for you—and your market. Though we offer multiple revenue streams and various business models, our three innovative products provide limitless flavor combinations without the need for extensive labor or cooking – just part of what makes this streamlined opportunity so impressively simple. Read on to explore our flexible models and determine the ideal fit for bringing Jeremiah’s into your own community.

Traditional Jeremiah’s Model

While we have several traditional models, they all have some things in common. Traditional Jeremiah’s Italian Ice stores are 800 – 1200 square feet in size. Within these parameters, however, there are various options for you to identify the Jeremiah’s model that works best for you and your community.


Inline Jeremiah’s Italian Ice shops are found in strip malls, outparcels, and shopping centers. Our franchise development and location experts have found that these locations encourage foot traffic for customers who are already out and about running errands seeking to reward themselves with a sweet treat.


Our free-standing shops often have a walk-up window for customers to order from and a drive-thru for customers looking for extra convenience, though some customers want to sit, stay awhile and enjoy our throwback jams as they devour their delicious Jeremiah’s treats. Our outdoor seating patios are perfect for just that.

Kiosk/Co-Branded Jeremiah’s Model

If you’re looking for a small footprint franchise opportunity, Jeremiah’s has options for you, too! Our kiosk and co-branded models are less than 250 square feet.


Capitalize on foot traffic with a smaller Jeremiah’s in a bustling area, like a mall, amusement park or local promenade. Kiosk models allow franchisees to keep overhead costs low while maintaining high levels of customer impact. After all, a smaller footprint doesn’t mean we’re holding back on our big, bold flavors!


If you’re interested in building a Jeremiah’s with a smaller footprint and collaborating with another business in your area, a co-branded Jeremiah’s Ice might be exactly what you’re looking for. You’ll work with our franchise team to determine if the business you want to share space with is complimentary, and not competitive, with your Jeremiah’s store.


Of course, there are perks to every Jeremiah’s franchise model. Luckily, you can become a multi-unit franchisee and capitalize by choosing different models to fit the needs of different neighborhoods, customers and markets. And, multi-unit franchisees enjoy a reduced franchise fee for each additional Jeremiah’s location. Multi-unit franchise ownership allows you to build more than just a business. You can build your very own Italian Ice empire. Use your business acumen and our proven system to create the business legacy you’ve been striving for.

Our team of franchise development representatives can help you determine the Jeremiah’s franchise model that’s right for you and explore multi-unit franchising options. If you’re ready to make the leap into Jeremiah’s ownership, reach out today for more information.