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Who Makes a Good Jeremiah’s Franchisee

Jeremiah's Italian Ice Franchisee

Jeremiah’s Italian Ice isn’t your everyday franchise opportunity. We’ve spent decades perfecting our systems and brand. When Jeremiah’s awards a franchise, we’re trusting our franchisees to bring our Culture of Cool to their community, in addition to our delicious Gelatis, Soft Ice Cream and Italian Ice. We do our due diligence to make sure each franchisee is a great  cultural match for the Jeremiah’s brand. We want franchisees that are passionate about our one-of-a-kind product line, understand the importance of building culture in each store and are serious about business but don’t take themselves too seriously. Explore what it takes to be a good Jeremiah’s franchisee and find out if you fit the bill.


At Jeremiah’s, sincerity matters. Even for our franchisees who choose not to be in their shops every day, it’s important that our franchisees care about the experience of each Jeremiah’s Italian Ice customer. That’s why, during the Jeremiah’s franchise discovery process, our team will take the time to get to know you and make sure you have all the information you need to ensure that you’re a great fit for Jeremiah’s—and vice versa.


Each Jeremiah’s is more than just a quick stop for sweet treats. So much of our success is credited to the fact that Jeremiah’s shops are mainstays in their neighborhoods and active community members. We’re proud to partner with schools, religious organizations and other charitable organizations to help them raise funds and advance their missions. We expect our franchisees to share a similar dedication. With Jeremiah’s, you can use your frozen dessert business to make your community a better place.


As fun as owning a Jeremiah’s is, it’s also a business. We trust our franchisees to have the acumen and strategic mindset to build a business that can meet franchisor expectations. Owning your own Jeremiah’s Italian Ice franchise is your opportunity to flex your entrepreneurial problem-solving skills and show off the strategic thinking skills that got you to this point of business ownership. If you have the skills and ideas for your future Jeremiah’s store—along with the strategy to back them up—it is likely time for you to start your Jeremiah’s franchising journey.


We take fun pretty seriously, and our Culture of Cool starts at the top. From our founder Jeremy Litwack, to each of our franchisees, and even every team member scooping up treats and singing along to our old school tunes in store, our squad is committed to Living Life To The Coolest daily. Our Italian Ice is cool and vibrant, and we expect the same of our franchisees. Your bold energy paired with our proven franchising system will be a combination almost as perfect as our creamy Soft Ice Cream and smooth Italian Ice. Let’s make it happen. Start your Jeremiah’s franchising journey today by learning more about our Culture of Cool.

If you’re genuine, generous, strategic and cool, you’re meant for Jeremiah’s franchise ownership. You can transform the business acumen you’ve gained in your corporate career into a frozen dessert legacy. Doesn’t that sound pretty sweet? Start your Jeremiah’s Italian Ice franchise journey today by reaching out to our franchise development team for more information.