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The Jeremiah’s Numbers You Need to Know

Jeremiah's Italian Ice being scooped into a cup

As you consider investing with the world’s ~coolest~ brand, we want you to look beyond our dynamite culture, and insanely delicious products and explore the data that make Jeremiah’s Italian Ice the hottest franchise opportunity in frozen desserts.

$598,960 AUV*

Our average unit volume is among the highest in the category. And it’s a testament to our proven model and the role each Jeremiah’s plays in their community. Whether it’s a wedding anniversary, a winning game or just a beautiful day, our customers come to us to celebrate. The throwback tunes blasting loud and proud send a signal to the neighborhood: come party with us! And so many community members do just that. That’s how our franchisees have been able to achieve our AUV — the customers keep coming back for more sweet treats and cool vibes.

24 Years of Operations

Since 1996, Jeremiah’s Italian Ice has been serving up the treats that our loyal fans can’t get enough of. That’s why we’re looking to expand the brand — everybody wants a bite of Jeremiah’s. When you franchise with us, you don’t have to worry about building a business from the bottom; we’ve already laid the groundwork. The success of our brand is proven. And you have the chance to be a part of it.

1.17 to 2.44 Average Return on Investment*

Our high sales-to-investment ratio is proof of not only the power of the Jeremiah’s brand, but also the work our franchisees are willing to put in. The Jeremiah’s franchise opportunity allows franchisees to work for themselves — but not by themselves. We will give you all the tools to meet your goals. Your job is to make a big impact in your community.

3 Revenue Streams

Each Jeremiah’s store does most of its business with customers coming in to relieve their soft ice cream and Italian ice cravings. But we have two other revenue streams that encourage our fans to enjoy Jeremiah’s in multiple ways. That’s why we also have prepackaged treats for our fans who prefer their ice cream to go. We also do full-service event catering that allows franchisees to bring their businesses directly to the birthday boy or bride and groom who just can’t picture their special day without Jeremiah’s. When you own a Jeremiah’s you get to be a part of the celebrations — in multiple ways. 

$28 Billion Frozen Dessert Industry

When you franchise with Jeremiah’s, you enter the multi-billion frozen dessert industry. And while there are other frozen dessert franchises, nobody has what we have: our signature Gelatis. Gelatis are what happen when you combine smooth, creamy, rich soft ice cream with bold, flavor-bursting Italian ice. Layer by layer over the past 24 years, we’ve built a brand that has carved out its own niche in the frozen dessert space.

The numbers look good. Now it’s your chance to scoop up your part of the Jeremiah’s brand by bringing a shop to your community. Reach out to our team today to take your first steps toward Jeremiah’s franchise ownership.

*Please see 2020 Franchise Disclosure Document for more details.