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Why Local Store Marketing is Key for Jeremiah’s Franchisees

Photo of a group of children in a gymnasium holding a Jeremiah’s Italian Ice sign

Frozen dessert franchises like Jeremiah’s Italian Ice® rely heavily on marketing to help boost foot traffic into their locations across the nation. While every frozen dessert franchise offers national marketing materials that franchise owners can customize and use for their individual stores, our team at Jeremiah’s Italian Ice adds an extra scoop of support.

Our Local Store Marketing (LSM) support is the coolest around. As a franchise owner, you’ll leap into our program from your very first interaction at Discovery Day. Read on to learn about the LSM program and why it’s key to your Italian ice franchise.

Why the Extra Scoop of Support Rules

What makes the LSM support from Jeremiah’s Italian Ice the cherry on top of our franchise? After twenty-five years of experience and fifty store openings, our team knows the importance of incorporating our locations into their communities and developing a friendly community network. Our LSM relationships are key to spreading the word about your store’s tasty frozen treats, reaching new customers, and communicating our commitment to community.

Finding time to market your location can be difficult when you’ve recently opened and are excited about the day-to-day operations. That’s why our team at Jeremiah’s put together a great LSM program for our franchise owners. Our LSM support can help you expand your network and get involved as quickly and effectively as possible in your local market.

Hopping into LSM Training

After you join our ranks, you’ll hop into our LSM program and get access to amazing tools like our resource library of customizable templates, branded materials, and organization-specific resources for your market. From Grand Opening support to local marketing guidance, our LSM support focuses on building brand awareness and developing long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with your community partners.

Just like our close-knit Frog Squad, the relationships between our franchise owners and community partners are strong and always growing. During your LSM In-Market Training, we’ll spend two days with you and your team in the field. You’ll learn how to create meaningful connections with local principals, city officials, local business owners, religious figureheads, and other community leaders. Jeremiah’s also helps you establish partnership plans so your Jeremiah’s Italian Ice store is at the top of their contact list when special events crop up.

Photo of two women in Jeremiah’s Italian Ice shirts standing at a drink station

Ongoing Support as an Italian Ice Franchise Owner

Once you wrap up training, you’ll be included in Jeremiah’s LSM monthly meet-ups. At these meetings, we’ll chat with the LSM department and the rest of your franchise peers about best practices, new ideas and opportunities, and that month’s primary LSM focuses. This way, you’ll have other franchise owners and team members to lean on and learn from as your network starts to take off.

Together, we’ll help you delve into LSM and get a feel for how the process can not only benefit your frozen dessert franchise but create a positive, cool community of Italian Ice fanatics.

Giving Back to the Community

Jeremiah’s LSM Program goes above and beyond to ensure each location is ready for business. Our team has created and carefully curated new offers that are creative and—with our step-by-step execution plans—easy to roll out. For example, Jeremiah’s Sweet Incentive Program lets teachers give their students our sweet treats for great work. Your franchise staff can congratulate them and ask what they did to earn their special treat!

Your location’s Sweet Incentive Program helps you connect with the youngest and oldest members of your community and get the word out about your location. It also helps set our franchise apart by creating a community that views Jeremiah’s as a “hometown hangout.”

Join Our Frozen Dessert Franchise’s LSM Program

Just like our perfectly layered Gelati, the ideal Italian Ice franchise has layers of marketing assistance, and our LSM support is the dollop on top. Are you ready to join the hottest franchise with the coolest treats and start benefitting from our LSM Program? Contact us today to learn more.