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Our J-List Rewards App Helps Franchisees Draw in Customers

Photo of rewards app on phone screen between two orange Jeremiah’s Italian Ice treats

As consumers continue to look for new tech-savvy products, applications and ways to stay connected with their favorite brands, Jeremiah’s Italian Ice has worked hard to keep up with what our customers expect in their everyday lives. In August 2018, the Jeremiah’s J-List Rewards App leapt into the smartphones of loyal fans as a sweet way to drive Jeremiah’s Italian Ice into the technology age.

So what does the J-List Rewards App do, and how can it help you draw in more customers for delicious frozen treats time and again? Discover more about our rewards app so you can get your franchise store hopping in no time.

What Our Loyalty App Does

As a frozen dessert franchise owner, you certainly know your way around our tasty Gelati, Italian Ice and Soft Ice Cream. You also know that having a rewards program available from your favorite business, restaurant or service that offers exclusive content or promotions is a huge perk—and oftentimes the reason you download their app in the first place!

So wouldn’t it be great if your customers could earn free treats when they come to see you? The rewards app, aptly called the J-List, helps keep customers coming back, thanks to a great rewards program that features special offers, point-multipliers, exclusive information and even complimentary products! With each J-List sign-up, new members receive a free tasty treat just for signing up and accumulate points for every dollar spent. They even receive treats on their birthdays, so our Frog Squad jumps for joy every time they celebrate in as cool a place as your store.

How it Helps Attract Frozen Dessert Franchise Customers

What exactly does the rewards app do for your frozen treat franchise? Aside from recruiting a dedicated fan base from our cool treats alone, the app is a cool way to keep customers engaged with your location’s promotions and gives them a reason to return and build up their points. They can also find your store’s location through the app and refer new members to get even more rewards. And, with an average of almost 6,000 loyalty app members for each location, the numbers speak for themselves! Together with the free incentives, your Jeremiah’s franchise store will see old and new faces alike thanks to J-List.

To continue to grow this powerful marketing tool, we provide franchise owners like you key marketing materials that you can use in your store and online. With items like napkin dispenser inserts, posters and flyers, you’ll encourage more customers to use the app in the store. You’ll also receive web-based graphics to support your efforts on social media and other digital outlets. As franchise owner, all your marketing collateral—and more—is ready at the click of a button!

Where to Get the J-List Rewards App

Your customers can download our J-List app directly from the Apple App Store or Google Play—depending on whether their phones are Apple or Android. No rewards card or punch card is required, so they’ll simply open the app and get started. From there, your customers can hop on and see the full menu, find your store and get their free small frozen treat all in one place.

Jump into an Ice Cream Franchise

Are you as excited as we are about the J-List Rewards App? If you’re looking for the coolest Top Food Franchise of 2021 and want to tap into the cool benefits that our app offers, Jeremiah’s Italian Ice might be the place for you. Contact us today to learn more about everything else we provide and how you can jump into owning the sweetest frozen treat franchise on the block.