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3 Ways Jeremiah’s Franchisees and Fans Support Each Other

Photo of two female Jeremiah’s Italian Ice employees smiling and using ice cream scoops outside

As the coolest frozen dessert franchise on the block, Jeremiah’s Italian Ice® is no stranger to serving new and repeat customers alike. Our franchisees are committed to connecting with their communities and growing their customer base each day. How do they do it? Read on to learn more about the three key ways our franchisees and customers support each other and keep their ice cream franchises hopping with Jeremiah’s fans.


So how does Jeremiah’s Italian Ice keep customers coming back? For starters, we make sure they don’t have to travel very far. On top of our 50+ easily accessible franchise locations, which continue to pop up every month, franchisees can even offer catering to their fans. From prepackaged treats and full-service scooping, we’ve got our fans’ next event covered. Whether they’re celebrating a birthday, enjoying a community sports game, or beating the heat with a block party, we’ll be there with delicious sweet treats.

Thanks to a catering revenue stream, our franchisees can support their customers anywhere in their territory and help them celebrate in the coolest way we know how. Our catering helps us go where they need us most and connect with them on an entirely new level. In turn, franchisees continue building a loyal community of Jeremiah’s fans and can rely on them for more events in the future.


At Jeremiah’s, we like to always ask ourselves what more we can do for our loyal fans. After all, they make our days fun and our sweet treats the popular community choice! To show them our appreciation, our ice cream franchise owners provide their customers with Jeremiah’s J-List Rewards program.

With our rewards program, fans in your territory can access exclusive discounts at our stores and earn sweet rewards from their purchases directly through our loyalty app. We even offer them free frozen treats for points milestones and birthdays. As a franchisee, you’ll encourage each of your customers to download the app and start earning rewards—so they keep coming back all year long. That way, you get constant support from your loyal Jeremiah’s fans and can show your appreciation with some tasty frozen treats and sweet rewards.


Thanks to our catering and reward programs, Jeremiah’s makes it easy to reach out to your community and build a group of fans in no time. We like to go the extra leap and help each frozen dessert franchise owner tap into Local Store Marketing (LSM), too. Our LSM program is the cherry on top of our relationship-building strategy within the community. We’ll help you learn how to network with community partners, support their events with tasty treats, and create meaningful connections.

Our LSM program also includes Jeremiah’s Sweet Incentive Program—a cool way for students to receive delicious treats for their hard work. As a franchisee, you’ll get to offer this program to teachers at local schools and build a rewarding sense of community with even more fans.


Ready to support your local community with sweet treats and cool programs? We’re hoppy to hear from you! Get in touch with Jeremiah’s Italian Ice and learn how you can get involved with our frozen dessert franchise today.